Modern building industry needs high quality thermal insulation   materials.  They help lower the mass of structures, scale down the requirements in brick, concrete and structural timber.

Product packagingThermal insulation helps considerably reduce energy consumption and, hence, heating costs and ensures maximum comfort in dwellings.

Knauf Insulation products conform to the highest standards set for thermal insulation materials:

  • low thermal conductivity (0,031-0,044 W/mК for glasswool products)
  • resistance to pressure;
  • vapour permeability;
  • water-repellance;
  • high quality provides the required performance for life.

The added benefit of Knauf Insulation products is excellent sound insulation.


Knauf Insulation has state-of-the-art in-house production technology that ensures invariably high quality of the prodcts and innovative packaging. The company developed multipacking which helps cut down on handling time and saves space during shipment and storage.

Knauf truck

As part of the Knauf Group, a multinational producer that has been actively working in Russia for over 10 years, Knauf Insulation takes into consideration the requirements of the local market and manufactures materials and products specially developed for the Russian market.